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Tips & FAQs about the RocKit Grout Gun
Q: The grout gun seems to be plugged and does not operate like in the video.
  1. Silicone spray on the inner wall of the barrel will eliminate the resistance of the tight tolerance needed
    for the plunger to seal tightly.
  2. If the grout gun was not properly cleaned previously, residue on the inside of the barrel will cause the
    plunger to stick. Use a 3" wire wheel to resurface the inner walls of the barrel then re-coat with silicone
  3. Ensure proper hole size in tip. Grout is simply sand and lime suspended in water, if too much pressure
    is required to force the material through a hole that it cannot flow through, water is squeezed out and
    hardened material is all that is left in the barrel. Continuing to squeeze the trigger, with a mechanical
    advantage of 18:1, pressure will continue to build. The result will never be that of solid material flowing
    through a tiny hole.
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Buy the RocKit Grout Gun and it's full line of accessories here on our website, along with valuable grouting tips, demonstration videos and success stories. Zero5 Innovations llc. was formed in 2005 to develop several products that existed only in the minds of its founders. With backgrounds in mechanical
engineering, sheet metal fabrication, commercial construction and business partnerships, a team was assembled and production began on the RocKit Grout Gun. It became the showcase product for Zero5 and has won many Innovative New Tool awards. You can also purchase Grout Guns, ZippMag powerful
Rare Earth Neodymium Cable Tie Magnets, the Trailer Spike Trailer Security System, Ball Swapper interchangeable Trailer Towing Balls made from Solid Stainless Steel and the Sit Fit. The Sit Fit is a new revolution in seating. From Schools to spinal clinics to retirement homes, the benefits are being felt from
1st graders to grandparents. The Trailer Spike is the first of an entire line of Trailer Security Products. Zero5 Innovations is on a mission to build the highest quality construction supply systems in the world, starting with the RocKit Grout Gun. Through value engineering, we are making it affordable for the world to
be a more beautiful place. With the growing demands for natural stone appearances on everything from residential exteriors and interiors to freeway bridges and sound walls, we have designed efficient advancements for the industry. We have spent the last eight years refining our original designs and developing
new ideas. All of our products are manufactured & assembled in the USA*. The RocKit Grout Gun has become extremely popular since its release in the fourth quarter of 2007. Many of the professional rock and tile installers see an immediate increase in efficiency. Because of the semi-rigid tip, the RocKit is
used like a normal caulk tube in that you smooth the grout joint as it is applied. This allows you to apply the mortar in one step, unlike grout bags where you apply twice as much mortar and then remove half of it after it starts to set up. Professional installers admit that placing the rock is the fun and easy part.
Grouting is the hard part and it is the determining factor in the overall appearance of the project. Whether you are installing cultured, manufactured stone, natural rock veneer, tuck pointing thin brick, tile or just tuckpointing old brick, with the RocKit Grout Gun everyone can have professional results. Zero5
Innovations is currently looking for enthusiastic distributors for the RocKit Grout Gun and it's accessories. Please contact us for more information.
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